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3 Awesome Techniques for Breast Orgasms with Sydney Escorts

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The nipples have over 800 nerve endings – yes, you read that right. This is when you suck it, it causes your woman’s body and mind to relax. According to Sydney Escorts, nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, a hormone responsible for bonding and relaxing. You see, the nipples are the closest erogenous area to a woman’s heart.

It’s important that a woman’s breasts are touched with love and care in the beginning and throughout the lovemaking. When the breasts and nipples are stimulated, it sends tingles of energy to her heart and her pleasure zones. Heck your woman’s tits have access to deeper sexual energy.

If you want to pleasure her better than before, you better make love to her breasts. Use the 3 techniques below and you’ll surely be a good start!

The Feather Touch

Just stroke your fingertips around her breasts without actually touching her nipples. This will built her arousal and create anticipation. This is especially effective when you are behind her, as you can simultaneously kiss the back of her neck to drive her senses wild.  Give her the touch that is as light as a bird’s feather.

Pleasure Licking

Kissing and licking her breasts gently is a great way to build her arousal levels. These are enough to make her wet, making her crave for more of you. Light sucking can also feel amazing. Get her aroused for more by giving her less in the beginning, but be sure to dynamically increase it for better result!

Intensify It All

When she’s dripping wet with excitement and arousal, intensify your sucks and licks. Use her moans, body movements, and reactions as your feedback to find the right amount of pressure and keep her lost in the wonderful sensations. Be sure to anticipate and act according to her body’s reaction, so as to cope up with the intensity. Bring her down, boy!

Keep all of these three techniques in mind before you make love with your partner. But if you want to learn more about a woman’s tits, Sydney Escorts can help you out. Call them now!

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