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3 Painful Sex Scenarios, and How to Deal With Them

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You and your lady are both in the mood, and you’re aching to go to action too, but then one of you feel a dull ache, an itchy rash or a searing jab from out of nowhere. And when you’ve always enjoyed sex but it suddenly hurts, it can be confusing and worrisome. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians, around 75% of women (and a sizable percentage of men) experience painful sex at some point in their lives. Here are a couple of painful sex scenarios, and how to deal with them.

Mid-Thrust, She Feels Pain by the Side

If your hookup mate, or your favourite Sydney Escorts, suddenly feels this jab mid-deed, you should stop, and ask your lady to let her doctor know, especially if she’s post-menopausal, when cysts can indicate something serious!

Health experts say that a stabbing pain mid-thrust can be pretty severe before subsiding, and could be a sign of an ovarian cyst, which you may have accidentally hit during thrusting. For younger women, however, an ovarian cyst is unlikely to be anything to worry about, a vast majority of cysts are benign and cyclical, and they tend to disappear on their own!

Deep Penetration Hurts Like Crazy

If your lady experiences pain only when you thrust deep, she might have a tipped uterus. Usually, the uterus is aligned straight with the rest of her body, but some women are born with one that’s tipped backward toward the pelvis, which increases the odds that it gets tipped during sex.  To prevent any stabbing pain, don’t thrust into her too deeply, or stick to the woman on top!

Sex in Any Position Makes Her Wince

Whether it’s a dull ache or a serious pain, general pain anywhere in a woman’s vagina might indicate that she has endometriosis. The condition happens when the endometrial tissue migrates outside the uterus and adheres to nearby parts like the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

If the doctor diagnoses her to suffer from endometriosis, the doctor could prescribe medications to keep tissue growth under control or suggest surgical removal of the tissue growth. But then again, I’m sure your preferred Sydney Escorts are in the pink of health, and hopefully won’t be dealing with any of these issues now, or in the future!

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