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3 Questions You Can Ask on a Date to See How Compatible You Are

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Many people will tell you that a first date is not a big deal, although just as many will tell you it’s crucial. If you side with the latter group, then your hunch is correct. The first date is the first time you’ll spend a significant amount of time together, where you’ll want to test your compatibility, whether or not she looks like one of the Sydney escorts you find yourself drooling over now and then.

The thing is, no one likes feeling as though they’re on one of those shows where they’re being judged for their answers, so it’s not enough to be armed with a list of questions to ask. The best kind of questions are those you can slip into the conversation you’re already having. So beyond ideas of conversation starters and topics, here are the best questions you can subtly slip into your talk to gauge how compatible you are.

  1. What do you do on weekends? Few people work on the weekends, so those days are usually when they can let loose and indulge in something they find interesting. The question is something acquaintances would ask each other, so you won’t put your date on guard when you ask it. Plus, it’s a very subtle way of finding out if you have something in common.

Does she like to stay home and catch up on her favourite TV series or play her favourite video game, or does she hit the neighborhood coffee shop, laptop in tow to work on a personal project? You’ll want to learn about these before you become a couple, or you’re bound to have a few frustrated weekends.

  1. Do you enjoy your work? At some point, your conversation will turn to what you do for a living, so it’s easy to slip this one in. What she says and how she says it will tell you a lot about her personality, especially if she answers in the negative.

For example, someone who whines about her “horrible job” could very well whine about your relationship later on down the line. Meanwhile, someone who calmly admits her work “could be better” and says she’s looking for a new one she’ll really enjoy is one who’ll try and find ways to make a relationship work.

  1. How do you deal with a tough day? Everyone has their ups and downs, their good days and their bad ones. When your date experiences on of the latter, does she go for a run, binge watch a few movies, or lock herself in her room to stew about it? Her answer will tell you if you’ll be dealing with rough times together, or if she’ll retreat into a shell.

Of course, if you’re not yet ready for the dating game, you can always browse online for Sydney escorts to keep you company. Then you won’t need these ‘compatibility questions’ and can just focus on having a good time.


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