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He saw my picture from among the Sydney Escort listings, sent me an email and set up a date of sorts. Since this is his first time using the services of an escort, I suggested a neutral place to meet at, a place where he wouldn’t feel so “boxed in”

We met at a little park about 15 minutes from an apartment that I’ve been renting for exactly this type of business. On our way to the apartment, we passed by a farmers market and I picked up a couple of gorgeous Aubergines for the lunch I planned on making us.

I set about making the Aubergine Parmigiana while he has a glass of wine once we arrived. We made small talk as the apartment was filled with the delicious smell of tomatoes, garlic, cheese, herbs and Chianti. I found out that he learned about our company from a friend and a long time client of ours.

After lunch, I invited him over to the settee and got him settled in. Kneeling infront of him, I loosened his belt buckle, poped the buttons on his pants, slid down his zipper and freed his cock for my perusal. I kept my eyes on him the whole time, communicating that he can stop, especially if and when he felt uncomfortable.

I started out playfully, running my tongue around the edge of the head, tracing the veins on the underside with my tongue. He moaned gutturally when I prodded a little bit on the spot between his balls and the base of his shaft. I took his balls in my mouth, sucking them in slightly.

Letting them go, licked my way up from the base to the tip, giving a little nibble here, a little nip there and soothing kisses all around; not for anything but I definitely know how to give good head. I licked the tip slowly, tongue-fucking the slit slightly, tasting the beading pre cum on the tip.

I felt his hands grab either side of my head, taking a fistful of hair as I took his whole cock into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, holding it there and letting the taste of your essence permeate all parts of my warm cavern. I knew that he enjoyed it. Not if the groans and shallow thrusting of his hips were any indication.

I removed my mouth from him with a wet plop and told him to stand up. Once he did, I went back to work without any preamble.

Taking him wholly into my mouth, not stopping until he was fully seated, my nose being tickled by the well kept curls from which his shaft nestled. I felt the shudder wrack through his frame. He was getting closer to his end…but this was only the beginning. I wanted to give my client the best time of his life as befitting of a top notch escort listed among the Sydney Escorts.

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