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There’s no question that many people want to improve their skills in the bedroom, so it’s no wonder that several websites do have articles listing tips and tricks to help with that. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a long-term partner or one of the Sydney escorts you may find online now and then. You’d still want to make the most of your time and show her a good time, not to mention enjoy yourself.

With all the advice you can find when you browse the Internet, it can be hard to tell what works and what doesn’t. To clear that up even a little bit, here are a number of tips that genuinely work.

  1. You need to get more vitamin D. This vitamin is involved with increasing testosterone levels and therefore giving your sex drive a boost. That’s a necessity if you want to last longer in bed. The fastest way to get a good dose? Go out and get some sun! Just don’t go out when it’s late morning to early afternoon; the sunlight during those hours can harm more than it helps.


  1. Peppermint is an energizer. You may have read somewhere that popping a mint into your mouth for a few minutes before you give someone oral can create tingling sensations that add a new dimension to oral. To add to that, the smell of peppermint can energise you, keeping your energy levels topped up.


It also helps shyer partners to be more open to experimenting, which is perfect for those who’ve been trying to get their partners to try something new. To bring the scent into your bedroom, try lighting peppermint incense sticks or put a plate of peppermint candies near the bed.

  1. Wear red to attract partners. While this colour may be warm in summer, there’s no refuting the effect it has on people. Many studies show that individuals find it attractive – as do our animal cousins, since many animals use this colour in their mating displays.


This can be because we associate red with status of some sort, and power. You could even simply look sexier in red. You don’t need to wear an outfit that’s all red, but find some way to include it in your ensemble.

  1. Have an orgasm to deal with a headache. You know some people use headaches as an excuse not to have sex – but they should be doing the opposite. When you engage in something you enjoy, you’ll eventually focus on the pain less. The endorphins released upon climax can also help to ease the headache further.


  1. Cinnamon and lavender are good scents to have on hand. Cinnamon can increase blood flow to the genitals, which should make arousal easier, and lavender is an aphrodisiac. Even if you’ll be with one of the Sydney escorts you find online, having these scents handy will make any sexy session better.

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