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Giving Her a Sensual Rubdown – 5 Techniques to Use

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When trying to get her to loosen up before getting down and dirty, there’s nothing better than a sensual massage. Even a back rub can heat things up, relatively. Whether it’s with your partner, or one of the Sydney escorts you engage now and again, there are ways to spice up that rubdown.

Here are the different techniques you’ll find used in massage, with pressure varying from soft, to medium, to hard – the more stressful her day has been, the more pressure you’ll want to use. So combine techniques, mix them up, and play with pressure to see what gets her going.


  1. Compression. This is the most basic technique, which involves you just leaning on area, palm – or palms – flat. Just be careful not to crush your babe by accident! Compression feels especially good on the butt and upper back.


  1. Kneading. You know how you lift dough, grasping it a little and then pressing down? The movement is the same when using this technique in massage. You just have to be careful not to be too vigorous and lift the flesh to high or you could hurt her. Or else make her feel like she’s gained a pound or two. This technique is perfect for more fleshy areas.


  1. Stroking. Besides the erotic connotations of stroking something else, the long and smoothly gliding movements down her back and legs can really help her loosen up. The sensual factor increases when you use just the right massage oil, like sandalwood or lavender. Make sure to use the flat of your palms.


  1. Shiatsu. Like compression and stroking, this technique is easy to pull off. Just use your hands or fingertips on a certain area, apply some pressure, and rotate slowly. This is a good way to get rid of muscle knots, particularly in the upper back and shoulders.


How do you know you’re using too much pressure? If she stiffens when you press down, you need to ease up.

  1. Friction. This technique is somewhat more advanced compared the previous ones, so try not to go overboard. Using your thumbs, rub the area in small areas, while your fingers keep the body part steady. Typically, you’ll want to use this technique on her feet and hands.


When it comes to the actual massage, these techniques can be easily combined, and you don’t have to use them in the order above.

Want to make the massage more erotic? Straddle her while stroking her back or kneading her butt, and keep an eye on her for her reactions. If she starts to moan, or it sounds like she’s purring (as much as a human can actually purr), you’re doing it right.

Just remember, a massage isn’t really first date material – you can give your girlfriend a full-body massage, but not one of the Sydney escorts you find online. You’re better off sticking with a hand massage or shoulder rub.

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