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Post-Coital Rituals You Should Remember Doing

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Most couples do comprehensive planning on how to achieve success in their lovemaking. Nevertheless, they often forget how to end the sexual play. Do you ever think of what to do when you reach the ‘end point’ whether your partner is your flame or the kinky Sydney Escorts?

Sex experts say, there is an unwritten etiquette on every end of the performance before doing your graceful exit. These may be trivial things but when done, could mean a lot to your sexual partner.

Post-Sex Rituals You Ought To Do

● Pee before and after sex.

In real life, it benefits both the lovers. Simply, urinating prior to and following coitus eliminates bacteria that might enter the vagina/penis. And you still wonder where you got your UTI! Afterwards, use baby wipes with no trace of alcohol. Then, follow that up with a soothing mutual sensual massage. Believe me, that simple gesture will go a long way.

● Cover the ‘wet stain’ with a clean towel.

Undeniably, sex is always messy. So, before you head to the bathroom, use a clean towel to clean up your moist bodies and the sheets, too. So, when you think of the next round or just cuddling for some time, you won’t have to lie on a damp spot, or move to the corner of the bed to find a dry spot.

● Discard your condom prudently.

Truly, only a few gentlemen out there are sensitive enough to discard their waste after the lovin’. While some throw them on the floor absentmindedly, sex pros say, proper disposal could be a big plus to a partner. After removing, tie off the top, wrap it in tissue paper and don’t flush it down the toilet. Instead, put it in the garbage bin.

● Offer your lover water and some snacks.

After all those nerve-wracking manoeuvres, expect yourselves to be hungry and thirsty. What better way to quench those sensations than head to the fridge and take some refreshments and water with you.

● Remain in bed and cuddle.

Relationship authorities claim that cuddling is the one that gives couples the ‘afterglow’. Plus, it could be the reason why lovers look forward to the next play with gusto. Besides, the act of hugging, touching, nuzzling, kissing after coupling fosters a deeper bond between two people. Give yourselves time for the sweet memory to sink down before heading to the shower room.

● Wash your sex toy.

You’d rather not let your servant do the cleaning for you. If left unwashed, devices could turn into an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can give you infection in the genitals. Read the manual first before washing. Silicone, glass or metal toys without motor are fine with washing in boiling water. Otherwise, use a special cleanser designed for motorised toys.

● Do a recap.

By this we mean asking your mate which part of the lovemaking she liked best (start with the positive first) and disliked most. Or, if there are acts she wants improved the next time around. It’s even beneficial if both lovers ask each other because a sexy conversation could lead to a long-term healthy sexual companionship.

Your GF or the mouth-watering Sydney Escorts don’t have to remind you of those things. Be a true gentleman in bed.

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