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Private Sydney Escorts – 4 More Tweaks for Making the Missionary More Fun and Exciting

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When it comes to sex positions, perhaps the missionary is the most popular, and is a position by which most of the people swear by. Why? Because it’s comfortable and is a favourite by lots of couples, as it is desirable too. The missionary can even work wonders for couples who have major height differences. And, to make the missionary more fun and delectable, here are a couple more tweaks that you and your partner can easily do.

Try the Missionary at Different Places

Who says that you and your hookup mates, or your favourite Private Sydney Escorts, can only do the missionary in bed? The truth is that it can be done in different places like kitchen platforms, sofas, stairs, tables and so on. And since doing the same thing at the same place can be quite boring, why not make things more fun, by doing it in different places, or locations?

Look Into Your Partner’s Eyes

Raise the “oomph” factor when doing the missionary, and enjoy the intimacy better too, by looking into each other’s eyes! Like doing any other sex position, eye-to-eye connection is vital. Thus, try this one with the missionary, and simply enjoy!

Use Ropes or Handcuffs

If you’d like to further up the ante when doing the missionary, why don’t you take things to a newer level and have fun by using ropes or handcuffs, just like the way Christian Grey and his lovely lady did it in the 50 Shades movies!

Use a Pillow

The pillow isn’t just used for sleeping, because it can be used to enhance the good old missionary too! You can actually place a pillow under your lady’s butt, as this will help make the penetration go deeper, and both of you will enjoy that big orgasm too!

So, if you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Private Sydney Escorts, would like to make the missionary more fun and exciting, perhaps you could try doing a few, or all, of these tweaks tonight in bed!


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