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Private Sydney Escorts – 5 of the Best Positions for Car Sex

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In these fast-paced and frenetic times, a lot of couples are often pressed for time, and can’t spend the much-needed quality time. And, sometimes finding the right place to be intimate becomes really tough. Thus, for many couples, the best option would be the car! Yes, car sex can really be so hot and sexy if done right. Here’s a quick peek at a few of the best positions for car sex.

Belt Bondage

Even if you got a lot of extra time to spare, you and your girlfriend, or even your favourite Private Sydney Escorts, can try this move, but that’s if she’s comfortable with this! Well, it’s because bondage means to tie someone, and here you or your partner do that using a seatbelt! Next, take the charge, and you or your partner can perform oral sex!

The Awesome Car Seat

If you are comfy and want to pull your legs all the way up, then try it. This move can be done back seat and you can ask your partner to hold your back. So, get intimate, kiss and make out!

Road Head

Try the good old oral sex in the backseat, which is definitely so pleasurable! You will certainly enjoy the thrust, sliding and blowing, as well as that big orgasm!

Mutual Masturbation

This can be tried in the car, and what you can do is that you and your partner simply proceed to masturbate alongside each other, and watch each other come!

Side Spoon

This move is so much easy, and it can help you and your partner get what you want in the car. You can put the back seat all the way down in the side spoon position, inserting the penis. This position can relax you and your girlfriend, or perhaps even your preferred Private Sydney Escorts, as well as help you both get more intimate! However, keep in mind that sex in your car, and in a public space, is considered illegal in many countries. Thus, make sure you park in a private, discreet place!

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