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Private Sydney Escorts – Helpful Hints on How to Master the Popular “Amazon” Sex Position

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Have you ever heard about the “Amazon” sex position? Well,  if not then that’s okay, for I’m here to introduce you to what’s hailed as “a very popular” sex position. While it’s unclear why this sex position is called the Amazon, one could guess it’s because the woman or person with a vagina is taking on a more traditionally dominant role, much like an Amazonian warrior! Here are a couple of helpful hints on how to master this unique position.

The Basics

The Amazon is definitely not a beginner-level pose, but if you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Private Sydney Escorts, are up to it, then it’s truly worth the effort, as long as one partner has a vulva, and the other can be a penis-owning person, or anyone wearing a strap-on!

The Amazon is like the perfect mash-up of the missionary and cowgirl. Your partner lies down on their back, with their knees bent up in the air in a table-top position. You should get in between their legs and lower yourself on to them, using your knees on the bed and your hands on their knees for balance!

Getting Into It

Another good reason to take the Amazon sex position slow is that you will find just the right angle for yourself to fully enjoy it.  According to experts, a big advantage of being on top is that you might only need a few small hip adjustments to really hit the sweet spot.

If you require more stability, plant your hands on the bed to ground yourself more. Your partner may also need to work on lying more flatly or spreading their legs so you have more space to adjust your body!

If your hookup mate, or lovely Private Sydney Escortsleg just keeps getting in the way, you can also try to reverse the Amazon by turning around like you would in a reverse cowgirl mode. Again, this position requires a little more flexibility and stamina, as well as patience, and it might take a few tries before you perfect it!

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