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Rebound Sex, And It’s Wide Array of Benefits

Sydney EscortsHave you been dumped by your girlfriend before, and thought about getting back at her? Well, if you did, then you may have done “rebound sex” already. According to a new study, those who’ve recently been dumped and broken-hearted are very much likely to seek out rebound sex, as a way to restore their lost confidence and pride. The good thing is that rebound or revenge sex can actually be beneficial to you.

Rebound Sex Can Uplift Your Mood

While many people still view rebound or revenge sex as something that’s unethical or destructive, some relationship experts say that it can help ease the pain of a breakup, and it can restore your self-esteem too. You could do rebound sex in many ways, either by getting into a  friends-with-benefits relationship, or by calling up lovely and luscious Sydney Escorts.

Although revenge sex may only offer a temporary solution to your emotional woes, it can be very healthy, because it uplifts your mood, and makes you happy. And as long as you’re honest with the people you meet, and tell them that you just got out of a bad relationship,rebound sex could just be the right fix for your broken spirits.

It’s A Form of Sexual Healing

‘In a study that was published in the Archives of Sexual behavior journal on December 20, 2014, rebound sex was considered a form of “sexual healing”. The study team recruited 170 college students who had encountered a breakup in the last 8 months.

The students filled out weekly reports of their emotions, feelings and sexual activities. Around 35 percent of survey participants noted that they had rebound sex to get over their ex, while 25 percent said they did it to exact revenge on their former partners. Almost all of the participants felt angry and distressed with their breakups, but found solace and consolation after having rebound sex.

It Helps You Look Forward To A New Love

While some see rebound sex as a risky and destructive behavior, the truth is that it can actually help a person move on, and look forward to better relationships ahead. It can help broken-hearted individuals be more hopeful in finding someone who will appreciate and love them better, regardless of their faults or failures.

You Meet Different People

Perhaps before your breakup, the only person you went out with, or constantly conversed with, was your ex. But after doing rebound sex, you’re now breaking away from your previous exclusive circle, and meet new people, some of whom you’ll find very attractive and entertaining. Maybe the hot new friend that you just had sex with, will have a set of equally hot friends too?

Another great thing about rebound sex and rebound relationships is that, while you previously cared and worried so much about your ex, in a rebound thing it’s “I need you when I need you” and “If I don’t need you, then leave me alone”. The rebound period will also provide you with ample time to be selfish with your emotions, yet still get to know lots of people.

Regardless of whether you find rebound sex partners in a bar, or if you contact lovely and voluptous  Sydney Escorts, what’s important is that these occasions will help fill the sexual void that’s just taken place in your life. The occasion could also help you pick a decent rebound, who can uplift your spirts, and give you explosive orgasms too!


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