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Rough Sex – What Sets it Apart from Other Types of Sex

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There are different kinds of sex – quick sex, pity sex, romantic or intimate sex, and rough sex, for example. Many couples stick mostly to the romantic sort, and then there are those who do it rough every now and again. A few Sydney Escorts may also be open to aggressive sex if their clients are into it. There’s nothing wrong with liking a particular kind of sex, of course, so if it takes a while for you to experiment with others, don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

If you’ve never had rough sex, you may have an idea about how it plays like, but you’re not certain how to go about it. So what sets it apart, or what are some of the elements that take sex from passionate to rough?

  1. Your hands are everywhere. In rough or aggressive sex, the couple usually can’t keep their hands off each other, touching anywhere and everywhere they can reach. Granted, passionate sex often has some of this thrown in, but it won’t count if other elements don’t make an appearance as well.

Aside from caressing her, you can tease, stroke, and even spank your girl if you’re both into that; she can scratch your back with her nails, if she wants to. As far as rough sex is concerned, you just have to remember you have two hands that you can put to good use.

  1. Vocalisation is louder or more insistent. Romantic sex isn’t quiet, but when you compare it to rough sex, the sounds the couple makes are tamer.

When couples let themselves get aggressive when doing the do, there’s no trying to keep their pleasure bottled up. They’ll moan, call out their partner’s name, and make all manner of sound. Think about it this way: rough sex is the kind that’s most likely to be overheard by someone in the next flat.

  1. There’s something primal about it. There’s no denying that it’s hot when a bloke pulls on his partner’s hair to pull her hair back and expose her neck, for him to be able to start teasing and pleasing that erogenous zone. She, on the other hand, could run her fingers through his hair and use that to tug him closer.

This no-holds-barred approach is a constant in rough sex; carefree caressing and gentle tugging has no place in this kind of sex.

  1. The couple will really go at it. Romantic sex can involve some hard thrusting, but during rough sex, the bloke’s thrusts may well be all hard, fast, and insistent. Starting out slow and then building the intensity of thrusts is the better way to go about it so the bloke won’t tire himself out too early.

All told, the ‘right’ thrusting technique may make you forget you’re with a committed partner and not with one of the Sydney Escorts you find online, if you do try rough sex and find yourself going at it fast and hard.

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