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Sex in the Car Tips That Will Keep Your Motor Running

Looking for some outdoor exciting sex experience? Why not take your vixen from Sydney  Escorts for a ride and fuck her inside or on your car?  Just make sure to do it after dark for a little uninterrupted privacy, and of course, because it’s cooler at night.

Sydney Escort girl in Green bikiniAlso don’t forget to take the keys out of the ignition and make sure the car is in park. For protection and easy clean-up, bring along a towel.

Here are the techniques you and your paramour will surely enjoy exploring.

  1. Roof Affair

Lay down your sweetie on her back on the roof, her butt near the edge and thighs around your shoulders. Give her the best oral sex as long as she wants it.

  1. Cowgirl on the Reverse

With the driver’s seat pushed back and far reclined, lie down on it and sit her up on your lap, her face looking out on the front of the car. While your hard cock is deep inside her, she keeps her hands on the steering wheel, grinds and grinds with enjoyment. Passing drivers wouldn’t notice any crime going on since they will only be seeing her head and shoulder.

  1. Rear Romance

Want to try doggy style in such a cramped space? Position herself in the backseat like a baby just starting to crawl on all fours, then stand outside the door or on the passenger seat pushed all the way back. Enjoy plunging your boner in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

  1. Fun in the Roof

Take advantage of your sun roof if your car has one because not every vehicle has it. Take the passenger seat while your babe stands out of the sun roof, with her feet on either side of your hips. She then wraps her thighs around your face as if she’s sitting on your shoulders, but her opening to your face. That will make for easy oral sex. Devour her pussy all you can while she’s just enjoying the outdoor scene, looking out at the top of the car. Plus, it looks like nothing’s really going on down there.

Another pleasurable position is your babe sits on the edge of the sun roof while you stand with one foot on the passenger seat and the other on the driver’s seat. With your partner is lying on her back, you can plunge your dick into her anticipating pussy and enjoy diving in and out. It would be like having sexual intercourse on the kitchen sink or on top of a massage table.

To experience all of the above, there’s nothing that can add more excitement than to take along your sultry girlfriend from Sydney Escorts. It’s time to send your car rocking like a boat.

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