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Sydney Escort – 4 Classic Lines A Cheater Will Say When Confronted

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Cheating on a partner is the worst thing you can do, so when you start suspecting your girl of being unfaithful, you’re definitely going to want to confront her about it. Some blokes are fine with leaving a cheating babe alone and turning instead to the lovely vixens at Sydney Escort for company and sexual satisfaction, if needed.

If that’s not your style and you talk to your girl, then you need to stay on your toes. Whether she still has feelings for you or not, it’s very likely that she doesn’t want you to leave her. Given that, she’ll tell you whatever she needs to so that you stay with her. If you don’t want to be fooled again and again, here are some things that cheaters usually say when confronted.

1. I don’t have feelings for him – it was just sex. This is a classic excuse where she tries to get you to believe the affair means nothing to her. Remember that just because she doesn’t like whom she slept with, it doesn’t erase the fact that she cheated on you.

2. You’re never around anymore. Another classic excuse, and one where the cheater tries to subtly blame you for her affair. This is a rather underhanded move, and one that shows how immature your partner is if she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions.

3. I promise I’ll change. A cheating girlfriend will say she’ll never sleep around again, and for a while she might be able to stick to that. But she’s already shown that she can and will give in to temptation – and it can happen again. This is especially true if she prefaces her excuse with something along the lines of “It was a moment of weakness.”

4. That’s not who I am anymore. You just confronted her about her cheating and suddenly, she’s a changed person. She’ll say that was all in the past – even if it happened as little as two weeks before.

The truth is, you’ll be better off hiring one of gorgeous courtesans at Private Girls Sydney Escort to keep you company because she, at least, will disrespect you. Your girl has already shown she doesn’t respect you by cheating on you, and you can’t rely on her to keep her word about being a changed person.

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