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Sydney Escorts – 3 More Cool Places to Have Sex in the Spring, or even Autumn

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

With the temperature warming up, or thawing (Depending on where you live in the planet), the birds start chirping, and it’s the start of the wine season too, we decided to ask the sex experts to explore different options for shagging in the spring, or even in the autumn! So, go ahead, take advantage of the warm or temperate weather to go shagging, as we got a few more cool locations to get down and dirty.

During a Hike
Anyone who’s gone hiking knows that in the summer the hiking trails get packed with people. But in the spring or autumn, you might just pass by a few lost tourists, or a hardcore hiker, but the remnants of snow seem to deter the crowds. The good thing is that you can exercise more peacefully at this time, and then you can get down and dirty too with your hookup mate, or with your favourite Sydney Escorts! Just make sure you and your partner keep yourselves hydrated with water and a water-based lube.

At a Wedding
During spring (And I guess even during autumn) wedding season is just getting started. So, if you’re in a wedding reception with your lady, try sneaking off to a closed-off room or remote bathroom, and make it a night to remember!

What’s so nice about shagging during weddings is that you and your lady are all dressed up, you’ve had a few drinks too, and you’re literally surrounded by love. The winner goes to the person who checks each wedding off their list. Just make sure you don’t miss out on your Best Man speech!

On a Boat
Feeling lazy? And looking to do anything erotic literally off dry land? Then let the rocking motion of the boat do the work for you! Whether it’s a canoe, sailboat or yacht, sex on a boat truly sounds so adventurous, and so risky too!

However, please take not that public sex is often illegal in most parts of the world. Thus, check your city or country’s laws before doing any erotic misadventures in public. It is for this very reason that we suggested some very discreet outdoor locations, so that you and your girlfriend, or your preferred Sydney Escorts, won’t get into trouble with the law!

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