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Sydney Escorts – 3 More of the Hottest Sex Podcasts of 2018

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Podcasts are going to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment for 2018, and perhaps even in the next 5 or 6 years. And, what’s good about podcasts is that you can listen to a wide assortment of talk shows, concerts and other live or recorded events, among which includes dozens of funny, smart and smutty sex podcasts! Here’s a look at a few more of the year’s hottest sex podcasts.


If you and your hookup mate, or your preferred Sydney Escorts, are looking forward to spending some of your sweet and relaxing time listening to podcasts about love and sex, I guess you should check out this podcast called Risk!

This podcast is all about those stories that feel risky, vulnerable and scary to tell, and each of the erotic stories has the quality of a curated fireside tale. For example, in one episode titled “Getting to Know You”, comedian and writer Jillian Richardson recounts how joining FetLife, which is a social network for BDSM and kink, helped her overcome her self-consciousness around men!

Sex Talk With My Mom

The podcast was actually born when the show’s co-host Cam Porter, a comic, realized that his best jokes were about his mom and the sex advice YouTube shows he started. Thus, his mom soon joined him on the show, where the two openly talk about everything sex-related. And it’s clear that Cam can’t bullshit his mother, even in the most X-rated of topics.


With sleazy, whispery voices, and smart sweet talk too, the podcast’s loving couple of Allie and John tell various stories of swinging gone right, and wrong. However, Swingercast’s pot of gold is buried in the unchoreographed and unintentionally funny interactions between the hosts as they discuss the sexy, and unsexy, details of having sex with multiple partners!

So, in case you want a very graphic entrée into the world of threesomes, foursomes, double penetration, open relationships and more, make sure you and your hookup mate, or your favourite Sydney Escorts listen to Swingercast on a regular basis!

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