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Sydney Escorts – 3 More Sex Positions for Couples Who Just Want a Quickie

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Sydney Escorts

I guess every guy and girl would want to experience a 24-hour sex marathon. However, the problem is that life gets in the way, with so many bills to pay, and so many deadlines to rush. And sometimes, when our schedule gets really crazy busy, setting aside just a few minutes to get intimate with your partner can seem like an impossible task! Well, that’s what makes quickies an awesome thing, because the urgency, the intensity and the fear of someone walking in are factors that can blast your heart rate, and make for a truly wild ride. Here are a couple more sex positions for couples who just want to have a quickie.

Sex on a Desk
Next time you and your girlfriend, or your favourite Sydney Escorts are in the mood, but don’t have much time to spare, perhaps you could try this hot and sizzling quickie sex position! Basically, Sex on a Desk can be done anywhere with a flat surface, like a deck, countertop, washer/dryer you name it!

The receiving partner sits on a raised surface and spreads their legs while the other individual stands on the floor. Once you’re in a groove, have the receiving partner put their legs on the standing partner’s shoulders for an extra squeeze!

Shower Sex
Running late for school or work, but you’re feeling frisky? Well, why don’t you get in the shower and have sex at the very same time? Do to this, have one partner lean against the shower wall for support, with one leg lifted. This gives the other partner lots of room to enter, either with a penis, dildo, shower-safe vibrator, whatever! And since the receiving partner still has one leg on the ground, they can support themselves and avoid slipper falls (As well as steer clear from painful shower sex injuries!

Seated Grind
If your movement is limited and you only have space to sit down, perhaps you could try the Seated Grind. The Seated Grind is ideal for quickies in the car, or any other tight space where you may only have room to sit. The grinding motion allows for minimal movement, so you won’t have to worry about squeaks if you need to stay quiet.

Here’s how it works: You sit down, while your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts gets on top and straddles you with their legs wrapped around your waist. This move creates more friction, compared to an up-and-down motion!

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