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Sydney Escorts – 3 More Sex Positions to Try Out in the Gym

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Do you go to the gym on a regular basis? Or do you just hit the treadmill, or lift weights, once in a while? While nearly all of us know the benefits that exercise, most of us have no idea that a lot of people actually like getting it on at the gym too! Here’s a look at four more sex positions that you could literally try out in the gym.

TRX Crouching Cowgirl
If you’d like to be more adventurous with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Sydney Escorts, perhaps you should try getting out of the bedroom, and head to the gym! According to a survey done by UK sex toy retailer Ann Summers, around 20% of 2,000 polled adults admitted to having sex at the gym!

To do this gym sex move, plan an exercise mat beneath your TRX straps, lie on your back and have her get on top, but resting on her feet instead of her knees. This position is usually hard to hold for an extended period of time, but she can use the TRX bands for leverage!

Bench Doggy
If your bench is wide enough, have your lady perch on it on her hands and knees, towards one edge of the bench. Next, enter her from behind, holding onto her hips for leverage. Being on your feet, instead of on your knees in the traditional Doggy Style, will certainly give you more thrusting power!

On The Treadmill
Since standing sex can be quite tricky, as your pelvises have to be at the same height for penetration to even be possible, the treadmill gives you and your partner a wonderful opportunity to try out standing sex, even if your bodies are not that perfectly aligned!

To do this, have her stand on the treadmill, with her feet on the edges of the machine, and not on the tread itself. She should bend over and rest her weight on the console, making sure not to accidentally turn on the treadmill.

Next, you approach her from behind, and from there adjust the incline until you get to the right angle, and perfectly “nail” your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!

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