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Sydney Escorts – 3 More Signs That Say You Should Take a Break From Having Sex

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Sydney Escorts

Although we often hate to admit it, the truth is that it’s totally possible to have too much of a good thing. But, is there such as thing as too much sex? Well, even though you love it, you will, at certain points in your life, feel that your body is telling you that it needs a break from sex! Here’s a look at three more signs that you should take a much-needed break from having sex.

The Activity Hurts

According to a couple of sex experts, taking a break from sex can help you through some rough spots in your life. But hey, if you’re in the company of women as hot and sexy as the Sydney Escorts, who needs a break from shagging?

While it’s one thing to feel sore and aching after a few marathon sessions of shagging, it’s an entirely different thing to have sex, and the whole activity hurts. If you are in pain, you should go see a doctor, because this could be a symptom of a sexually-transmitted disease, or for women it could be an ovarian cyst, or endometriosis. Remember to always listen to your body!

You Don’t Feel Good Afterwards

If you’ve been leaving other people’s bedrooms recently with a lot of anxiety or sadness after sex, the activity might be bringing you down, instead of lifting you up! While some folks get off on random hookups every night, it can wear on others. Thus, if you find that the sex isn’t bringing a smile to your face anymore, your body could likely be telling you to take a pause!

You’re Not Getting Turned-on Anymore

You should never engage in sex if you’re not in the mood. However, it can be hard to tell a partner that you’re just not feeling sexy with them at all anymore! If this happens to you, I guess you might need to take a break and figure out if it’s something about her, or maybe it’s about you!

But, if you’re in the company of ladies as hot and sexy as the lovely Sydney Escorts, I’m certain that you won’t ever feel any of these negative signs!

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