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Sydney Escorts – 4 Cool Tips on How to Have Sex With Your Clothes On

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

We all know that sex feels so much better when you’re in the nude. However, the heat of the moment has its own rewards too. So, if you and your partner don’t have the opportunity to strip down, because you’ve only got time for a quickie, or you’re in a quite-compromised location, here are a couple of cool, expert-approved tips on how to have sex with your clothes on.

Use Her Buttons Wisely
Few sites are sexier than seeing your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts, unbuttoning her shirt! While she might not have all the time to take the entire thing off, remove a few of her buttons yourself to gain sweet access to her breasts, or to simply sneak a peek-a-boo view during sex!

You could also open the shirttails to twist up hard against her body, or use the buttons to slow sex down. You could also try opening her buttons with your teeth, to make the move extra sexier!

Turn Your Zipper Into a Sex Toy
If you leave your pants on, your zipper will be in a prime position to match up with her clitoris. Sex experts say that pant seams, whether they have your penis concealed against them or not, can also be perfect for her to rub against!

Use the Chilly Weather to Your Advantage
When fall and winter rear their heads later this year, you should be able to use the chilly weather to your full advantage. Remove her bra and let the wool on her sweaters graze her nipples, which should add a new, tickling sensation.

But if it’s too cold enough for a scarf, use it in foreplay to pull her toward you. And if she’s agreeable to this, tie her hands together and take control as you slowly tease her in the cold, chilly weather!

Leave Her Panties On
If your hookup buddy, or hot and sexy Sydney Escorts’ wearing a skirt, and you’re really pressed for time, all you need to do is tug her panties to the side, and enter her. And to make things so much hotter, massage her clit with the panties’ fabric while you are thrusting!

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