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Sydney Escorts – 4 Great Ideas On How To Use Food In The Bedroom

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Who says that food and sex don’t mix? Well, the truth is that they do, as long as you know how to incorporate food into your erotic activities. Here are a couple of great ideas on how to use different types of food in the bedroom, tonight!

Make Oral Sex Sweet & Creamy
Have you ever tried using different types of fruit for – foreplay? Well, perhaps you should try it tonight with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Sydney Escorts! According to sex experts, food can make oral sex, as well as foreplay in general, extra pleasurable.

For example, if you are going down on your girl, and you still feel a little bit squeamish, it would perhaps help if you put something you really like there, like whipped cream or guacamole, or chocolate!

Engage In Fruity Foreplay
Instead of just kissing and nibbling each other’s lips, perhaps it would be much nicer if you have a bowl of fruit, and pass a seedless grape (or some other sweet fruit) back and forth – into each other’s mouth! This should help “juice up” your kisses, and the natural fruity sweetness can also make the kiss go longer.

Use Healthy Lubes
While lubricants help make vaginal sex less-stressful and more “seamless”, most of the lubes sold today made from synthetic chemicals. However, don’t you know that stuff like virgin coconut oil can serve as a healthy cooking oil and lubricant?

What’s extra nice about virgin coconut oil is that it can also take on other flavours, which means that you can mix it with other natural ingredients to create a healthy lubricant that you won’t mind getting in your mouth!

Cucumbers & Bananas Make Great Replacement Sex Toys
Because of their size, and shape, cucumbers and bananas often make great (and truly natural) sex toy replacements. However, these can cause imbalances in the vaginal flora (which refers to the normal, delicate balance inside a woman’s vagina), and can sometimes cause bacterial infections. Well, perhaps you could use these with a condom?!

Now, which food play technique or suggestion would you be willing to try out tonight with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Sydney Escorts?

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