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Sydney Escorts – 4 More Reasons Why Some Women Hate Oral Sex

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Sydney Escorts

Are you wondering why your girlfriend, or even your hookup buddy, hates going down on you? While some ladies are just so disinterested in fellatio, your partner may actually be fine with it, but it could be you who’s killing her desire to give you a blowjob! Here’s a look at a few reasons why some women hate oral sex.

You Don’t Reciprocate

A lot of guys today often assume that they are entitled to some hot and sizzling oral, but that they are under no obligation to return the favour to their girlfriend, hookup buddy or the lovely Sydney Escorts. So, if you are not heading down her with regularity, then don’t expect her to either!

You Neglect Proper Grooming

Yes, we all know that pubic hair plays an important part in our biological functions, as it helps trap unpleasant odours. However, sporting a full nest won’t make the most attractive look in the world, for both men and women!   Perhaps a little trim, or even a full shave, could give the ladies better access that also looks and smells more appealing!

You’re Too Slow

If it takes you ten minutes or more to orgasm from oral, then your partner may shy away from that type of marathon blowjob session! If this is the case for you, perhaps doing more foreplay before the act could help you finish quickly.

Or, if she’s been down below there for a while already, might as well give her a break by masturbating or telling her to masturbate while you watch, which would actually make for a truly wonderful twist to what would have been a quite predictable affair!

You Fail to Provide Notice

Few women (read – Very few!) enjoy having an unexpected surprise launched into the back of their throats. So, to prevent any of your hookup buddies, including your preferred Sydney Escorts, from getting so pissed off at you, it would be polite to ask her if she enjoys swallowing, as well as give her some notice before ejaculating!

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