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Sydney Escorts – 4 More Weird Sex Laws That You Thought Never Existed

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Does your sex bucket list include a lot of travel? Perhaps it would be wise to first check on the sex laws of the countries you’re planning to visit, because some of them still have national or state laws that are just plain absurd, or out-of-this-world! Here’s a look at a couple of truly weird sex laws that you never thought existed, and what’s surprising is that all these found in the United States!

In Ames Iowa, Hubbies Can’t Have 3 Gulps of Beer When In Bed With Their Wives
Thank goodness we don’t seem to have any weird state sex laws Down Under (Or are there any that I’m not aware of?), because no cop or sheriff will definitely be bugging you and your favourite Sydney Escorts while you’re dating!

In the town of Ames, Iowa, an ordinance states that it’s illegal for husbands to have more than three gulps of beer when they’re in bed with their wives. And in a related news report, no child has been born in Ames since the 1800s!

Men Are Not Allowed to Shoot Their Guns When Their Girlfriends Are Having an Orgasm
In the quaint town of Connorsville, Wisconsin, it is against the law for a man to shoot off his gun when his girlfriend has had an orgasm (So, can’t he shoot using his other “gun”?). But considering that a lot of ladies today are having problems getting an orgasm, I’m sure this ordinance need not be fully enforced!

In Arkansas, Adultery Results in a $20-$100 Fine
In the US state of Arkansas, if you’re found to have committed adultery, you’ll be fined from $20-$100. But in California, you could be fined up to a thousand dollars!

In Texas, It’s Illegal to Own More Than 6 Sex Toys
Just when I thought these cowboy dudes were cool and liberated, we recently spotted on a state law which says that it’s considered obscene to own more than six sex toys. And in Arizona, you are not allowed to own more than two sex toys!

So, before you head to the US, check out these helpful pieces of information first, so that you’ll
steer clear of any misdemeanour charge, and pay hefty fines! Or better, why don’t you just stay home, and go on a date with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!

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