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Sydney Escorts – 4 of The Most Unusual Activities That Can Cause An Orgasm

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If you think that orgasms in guys and girls are either caused by masturbation, or direct sexual intercourse alone, nope you’re wrong. If you do more research, perhaps you’ll be surprised to find out that some people have gotten an orgasm after bungee jumping, riding on a roller coaster, or eating mushrooms! Here’s a peek at a few of the strangest and most unusual activities that caused an orgasm.

Ask any of your recent hookup partners, including of course your preferred Sydney Escorts, if they’ve ever had an orgasm after – yawning! Some guys and girls were actually reported to have had an orgasm from yawning, but that’s after they took an antidepressant called clomipramine!

According to an article published in the Telegraph in 1995, 55 of clomipramine users in Canada experienced this side effect. However, what’s surprising is that most patients who suffer from depression often have problems having an orgasm, so clomipramine could potentially solve depression, and make you jerk off too (but only after yawning!)

Brushing Your Teeth
Health experts have noted that there was a woman who had epilepsy, who reportedly would orgasm while she brushed her teeth! The woman reportedly lost her ability to orgasm after undergoing a hysterectomy. However, she mysteriously got it back while she was in the midst of cleaning her teeth!

Getting A Haircut
Don’t get us wrong, but we were not kidding when we say that some people have had an orgasm, after getting a haircut! The phenomena is actually called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which gives an orgasm-like experience that happens entirely in your head, and can be triggered by haircuts, or even to those who act out fantasies like pretending to check for lice!

Laser Hair Removal
In an article that was published in Glamour Magazine last year, it was reported that a woman getting bikini-area hair removal laser treatment suddenly found herself having an orgasm. The woman then asked the technician to stop the laser treatment, because she said it would be really weird if she “finished” inside the salon!

Perhaps your girlfriend, or even your favourite Sydney Escorts would find the story about laser hair removal orgasms both fun and perplexing!

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