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Sydney Escorts – 4 Simple Steps to Satisfy Your Partner’s Breasts

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Sydney Escorts

What’s the first you usually notice from a woman apart from her smiles and eyes? Of course, it’s her breasts. And if you answered honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Most men ogle at them in broad daylight, but when it comes to the bed, there’s less attention given to woman’s tits.

In general, women, especially Sydney Escorts love their breasts to be stimulated. And either as part of foreplay or during intercourse, knowing how to play with a lady’s tits can be satisfying for you and your partner. Below are 4 tips to satisfy your woman’s breasts.

Know that not all Breasts are the same

Each tit is a snowflake; thus just because something has worked with one partner in the past, it doesn’t mean the same will work for your current one. In fact, there’s no specific tip that should be good for every woman. Some want breast stimulation in the form of tender, soft teasing, while some want it in a rough way. It is best that you know what your woman exactly wants.

Start Gently and Know What She Likes Specifically

Always proceed with care, and start gently by tracing your fingers over the breasts’ outer edges. You can run your thumb lightly under the space where they fall, and, as much as possible, use your fingertips only in caressing her as you breathe warm air over the nipples. Lastly, avoid kneading or grabbing them.

Play the Teasing Game

Needless to say, the idea of talking about your woman’s breast preferences in the heat of the moment doesn’t sound like the sexiest maneuver you can make. However, it will benefit both of you in the end. While you’re touching and/or caressing her, say things like, “How’s that?” or “Does that turn you on?” Remember: Things don’t have to be cynical.

Allow her to be the Teacher

Experts encourage the notion of showing, rather than telling; thus give her the authority to be the teacher. Say things like, “Touch yourself and show me what you like.” This can be something that is really erotic. You can also try different positions in which you can hold her breast in place to get a better idea of her preferences.

The art of playing with a woman’s breasts play a vital role in sex. Even the lovely Sydney Escorts (who have huge, firm tits), say the same.

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