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Sydney Escorts: 5 Secrets To Putting The Magic Back Into Your Bedroom & Fire Up Sex

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Sydney Escorts

Has your bedroom become dull that you’re losing interest in intercourse already? Experts say that romance killers inside the bedroom could really take away the magic that once dominated the air. Now, how can you give the place a real makeover for a satisfying romp between the sheets? You know, the seductive Sydney Escorts turn more fiery with a bedroom’s magical ambiance!

Ways To Put Magic Back Into The Bedroom

1. Remove the distractions – The TV set is the one most distracting thing inside the bedroom. Not only does it rob you of the precious time to make love to each other, it also robs you of sleep. Studies reveal that couples enjoy only half the amount of sex as compared to those who don’t have TV in their bedrooms. Further, without the appliance, you can sleep better.

2. Install more mirrors – Taking a glance at each other’s naked bodies from various different angles while making love adds more fire to the act. There are those who get hornier seeing themselves in the mirror in different positions during intercourse. Put one up in the ceiling, on the side near the bed, at the back of the bedroom door, at the front of the bathroom door, even add a furniture with a floor-length mirror for added excitement!

3. Brighten up the ambiance with scents and sounds – They say a bedroom looks and feels sexier if it smells great and with sensual music to accompany it. Try using scented candles inside the bedroom and even in the bathroom to set a romantic candlelit mood.

4. Adjust the lighting – Do you ever wonder why some restaurants dim their lights? Of course, to create the romantic mood! The same holds true for bedrooms. Buy a dimmer that can be easily manipulated while the both of you are in the heat of things. For some finesse, get a dimmable chandelier. Table lamps with low-wattage bulbs as well as wall sconces are perfect with their lights dimmed.

5. Hang a “Don’t Disturb” sign – Yes, it would be sensible and necessary when there are other people living with you under one roof. Nothing can kill the mood quickly than somebody else entering your room unannounced while you and your spouse are at it. Better yet, tell family members your room becomes a no-disturbance zone at a definite time at night, otherwise you have to keep your door locked to discourage the ‘unwanted guest’ from walking through. To keep the outside noises at bay, put a rug to your bedroom doorstep.

Let your bedroom be the centre of your sex life. With a magical ambiance, your girl or any of the hot Sydney Escorts will always beg you for more!

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