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Sydney Escorts – A No-Nonsense Look At How Guys & Girls Differ In Their Views About Casual Sex

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Women “understand” the dynamics in casual sex more than men, who tend to “muddle” the terms. Whether you agree with this or not, the finding actually comes from a new study done by Canadian researchers, who are trying to find out how men and women differ in their views or opinions about hookups, or casual sex encounters.
The Lines May Be Blurred, When It Comes To Intimacy
Perhaps you’ve tried cuddling, and spooning, next to your hookup partner, or even your favourite Sydney Escorts. But how would you describe or define the feelings you felt when cuddling next to them?

According to the people who conducted the study, when it comes to intimacy the lines may be blurred, especially when it comes to hookups or friend-with-benefits arrangements. The study also noted that women pay extra attention to the nuances of their bedroom relationship out of necessity, because their reputation was at stake, and they faced the risks of pregnancy (and their physical safety was on the line too!)

So How Exactly Do Guys And Girls Differ With Regard To Casual Sex?
We all know that casual sex or hookups is not a modern phenomenon, as it has been around for centuries, although there’s no standard definition for it. Well, for most people, “one-night stands” are defined as “a situation where two strangers meet in a social situation, such as a bar or party, have a couple of drinks, and decide to have sex afterward”.

Post-coitus, pleasantries and contact information is exchanged, however both partners are fully aware that there’s no expectation to connect, or perhaps even meet again! The study however notes that women were more picky with analysing the mechanics of casual sex hookups, and were more particular with how partners knew each other, what happens when they interact, along with the other subtleties of the casual sex set-up.

In contrast, the men generally tended to muddle, or even mix-up terms, wherein “fuck” buddies were in the same league as “friends with benefits”! But then again, if you’re not too concerned with the politics of defining casual hookups, and you simply want to enjoy the company of the pretty and sexy Sydney Escorts, who gives a crap about this study?!

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