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Sydney Escorts – Bearded Guys Make Better Relationship Material, New Study Says

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If your face continues to sport that grade-school, clean-cut look, perhaps you’d want to grow a beard on your chin after reading this, as a science-backed study that was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology has determined that dudes who facially drown in the furry stuff were more likely to be considered long-term relationship material!

A Beard Alters the Face Shape of a Guy
Try asking any of your lady friends out there, including the hot and alluring Sydney Escorts if they find bearded guys hot and appealing. If more than half of them say yes, perhaps it should serve as a signal for you to grow some chin grass too!

According to researchers, a bodacious beard “straddles the line of masculinity and femininity, and essentially alters the face shape of a man, and renders him all sorts of attractive because apparently most ladies don’t like their men to be too masculine or too feminine”!

Facial Hair Indicates Testosterone
The study team also added that facial hair also indicated testosterone, and testosterone indicates maturity. In addition, a glorious beard also signals to the ladies that you’re a perfect recipe for relationship success.

In other words, the researchers concluded that a full-blown beard has the ability to mask a masculine face, a face which most women would otherwise consider for a short-term relationship. It could also have the ability to balance out a feminine face, a face which the ladies might not deem masculine enough for a long-term relationship!

And before I forget to mention, the study asked 8,520 women about whether they liked bearded guys or not, and all of them (Yes all of them!) showed a preference for facial hair. All the ladies questioned also said that men with bountiful beards were considered more for marriage, while guys with little chin grass were generally considered casual relationship material!

So, have you asked you lady friends, as well as the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts, on how they feel about these findings? Well, I guess they won’t mind if you sport a beard or not, as long as they enjoy your company!

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