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Sydney Escorts – Clear Differences Between Confidence and Arrogance

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Whenever you look for tips on how to be more attractive to the ladies, you’ll eventually read something along the lines of “be confident, not arrogant”. The two seem the same, so you can be forgiven for being confused. However, there are subtle but clear differences between the two, say the ladies at Sydney Escorts. Here’s an overview of those differences, to help you stay in the more favourable group.

1. Modesty. Someone who’s arrogant will say his success is all thanks to him. If you do this, then you just come across as haughty – unless, of course, it’s true that you were the only one responsible.

On the other hand, someone who’s confident thinks nothing of giving others credit, especially where it’s due. Whether you attribute your success to a college professor, your boss, or a mentor, doing so tones down the arrogance and makes you look humble instead – and instantly more approachable.

2. Eye contact. An arrogant man will be constantly looking around for their next conversation partner, especially if that next conversation will benefit him in some way. This means it’s highly unlikely that he’ll maintain eye contact, even when talking to someone.

On the other hand, the confident bloke doesn’t need to do anything thing to get your attention; he doesn’t look away, either. If you’re confident enough, you’ll have no trouble looking anyone in the eye while talking to them, and there’s a good chance that they’ll reciprocate.

3. Treatment of others. Experts agree on this being the biggest sign whether someone is confident or arrogant. If you’re rude and snap at people like cab drivers, janitors, waiters, and other blue-collar workers, you fall into the latter group. If you treat all people with respect regardless of their job, then you’re firmly in the former group.

As you can see, these signs show why confidence is more attractive than arrogance, not just with the ladies. After all, your partner wouldn’t want to be associated with someone who got mad at restaurant waitstaff for a trivial reason.

Overall, this is a good thing to remember the next time you try to hook up with a lovely babe at your favourite bar, or when you engage one of the courtesans at Sydney Escorts. You don’t want to turn either one off by being arrogant.

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