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Sydney EscortsThe rear-entry position, or doggy-style, is a favourite for both men and women. For men, there’s something highly erotic about going at it like animals. For women, it’s one position where the G-spot is sure to be stimulated. But there are variations, and some of the hot babes at Sydney Escorts share their own personal top picks for that favoured pose.

1. Mirror it. Adding a way to see how you look from a different angle is a simple way to spice up sex. So is putting a mirror in front of you or under you so she can see your dick thrusting into her – it’s pretty erotic. Being able to see her face as she climaxes is another plus for you.

2. Lie down. This is a position for when you want to strike a romantic note and go slow, another escort says. Have your gal lie on her stomach, legs straight and close together. You straddle her, with one leg on either side of her – yours should form a downwards V. Then make your way inside her.

You can bend your elbows to kiss her in this position, but she’ll have to twist a bit. Go slow so that you don’t slide out and leave you both hanging!

3. Stand and deliver. You may want to bend you knees if there’s a big difference in height between the two of you. She gets into the usual position, but with her shins and feet hanging off the edge of the bed, while you remain standing. Enter her from this position, slowly, so she has time to enjoy the sensation.

As an added bonus, her boobs will still be within easy reach.

As with most other sex positions, doggy-style has a wide range of varying positions, and these are just a few of them. Each variation, with small changes, could have a huge impact on the overall experience. Have her move her legs closer together, for a tighter fit, or pull her close for deep penetration – it’s up to you.

So check out the pages at Sydney Escorts and find the perfect courtesan, who’s sure to be open to a bit of experimenting in bed. Your time will definitely be unforgettable.

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