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Sydney Escorts – Communication, and How it Gets You the Sex You Deserve

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What would the world be like without good communication? Perhaps everything would be in disarray, or utter chaos. And when it comes to the intimate and erotic, less-than-great sex is sometimes, or should I say more often, the result of a lack of communication. Thus, we have to start talking, even when in bed. Read on to find out how communication gets you the sex you deserve.

Be Ready to Learn

Whether you’re with a long-time partner, or with a casual hookup buddy, or even if you’re dating the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts, always be ready to learn new things, and learn to share how you feel too, even when in bed!

According to sex experts, no two humans have the same sexual proclivities. Thus, open your mind to new ways of play, and treat your partner’s actions as non-verbal ways of communicating what they are really into.

Know Your Likes and Share Them

What the statement above means is that you should know your likes, and be open enough to share it with your partner. Like for example, do you love masturbating? Or do you like things a little dirty? Or do you prefer a tug or tickle on the left side of your compass?

It’s actually easier to show your friend to finish, let’s say a Rubik’s Cube, when you’ve been doing it for years already. Your body is a game, and sometimes a puzzle. But if you already know to unlock your body, you can certainly instruct your over to do the same!

Be Okay With Saying or Hearing “No”

Nobody likes black coffee, and not everyone likes tea too. Not everyone listens to pop music, and not everyone like using sex toys too. Well, that’s okay, just be sure to let your girlfriend,  hookup buddy or even your favourite Sydney Escorts know what you don’t like in the same way she tells you what she likes or doesn’t!

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