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Sydney Escorts – Coping In a Relationship that’s Going Wrong

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So you’ve been with someone for some time, but lately you’ve gotten the feeling that she hates you, or at the very least doesn’t like you as much as she did when you first became a couple. Closeness in a relationship is important, as many women – including the gorgeous babes at Sydney Escorts – can attest.

If you’re in a new relationship, you can rest easy; new couples aren’t prone to this happening. Men in particular may feel like their lovely partners hate them in some way. If you’re one of those blokes, here’s how to cope with a failing relationship.

1. Pay attention to whether or not she’s singling you out. Are you the only one she subjects to the silent treatment when she gets mad, or she’s only sarcastic with you? If so, there’s likely a specific reason for her treating you differently. If, however, she treats everyone the same way, then you may just be overly sensitive and you have nothing to worry about.

2. Watch your words. You may not notice, but maybe you’ve started talking negatively about her instead of focusing on both good and bad points. She’s not going to appreciate that, especially if you do so behind her back – and that’s why she’s started being distant.

3. Figure out when you started feeling that way. This will help you determine if her behaviour is actually due to something you did, and you didn’t realise it at the time. If it does tally with a slip-up you didn’t think was one back then, apologise. If she doesn’t seem to forgive you yet, give her time; at least you’ve done your part.

4. Find out the reason. ‘Hate’ is quite a strong word, so find a way to talk things over with her so you can get her side of the story. This will help especially if you can’t seem to pinpoint when you started feeling less than comfortable around her. You’ll want to make sure you really didn’t do anything, and that you’re not over-analysing her behaviour.

In the end, decide if it’s worth it to stay and fix things, or if you need to break it off before things get worse. If you decide on the latter but later need company, go ahead and browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts to help fill the void she’ll leave behind.

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