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Sydney Escorts – Ecstatic, Egg-Busting Facts About Ejaculation

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If there’s one thing that most guys are concerned of, and even worry about, during sex (But are too shy to open up), then it’s about stuff like – ejaculation! So why do guys worry about shooting a big (or small) load? Here are a couple of fun, egg-busting facts about ejaculation that may even surprise the most well-informed of guys.

The Typical Ejaculation Volume is a Teaspoon of Sperm 

If your girlfriend, or lovely Sydney Escorts, sometimes likes talking about multiple orgasms, perhaps it would be nice to insert some fun, mind-boggling talk about ejaculations too, if only to make the conversation more fun and interesting!

Now, what’s considered the normal amount of ejaculate? According to physicians, the typical ejaculation volume can vary between individuals, from 1.5 ml to 5 ml, of which 5 ml is only a teaspoon of volume. Yes, that’s the same teaspoon you likely have in your kitchen utensil drawer. The health experts also add that volume is related to age, reaching a maximum in the mid-30s and decreasing after the age of 50.

There’s No Known Health or Fertility Perk to Shooting a Big Load

Contrary to what most men might think, there’s no known health or fertility benefit to shooting a big load. The health experts say that ejaculation volume is generally unrelated to a man’s fertility or overall health status, unless it’s very low. They add that even men who’ve undergone vasectomies have the same ejaculate volumes before and after the procedure!

The Importance Men Place on Ejaculate Runs Deep

According to reproductive health and sex experts, the importance men place on ejaculate runs deep. For example, in several religions, semen is considered precious, and can’t be split, or constitutes a grave moral disorder to waste.

And of course, one reason why most men give a fuss over their ejaculate is borne from comparing themselves to adult films. In fact, adult films may make a guy believe that he should have a boatload of juice come out with each ejaculate!

The truth however, is that what you see in porn is exaggerated, and made to appear larger than life, thanks to camera angles and editing! So, why don’t you kick out the stuff you see in porn, and rather enjoy the “simpler” pleasures in life with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!


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