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Sydney Escorts Escorts – 4 Truths About Sex Toys That Most Guys Won’t Tell Their Ladies

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When it comes to talk about sex, perhaps the women are receptive to using it than the men. Why? Because the truth is that most guys generally have less experience with using adult toys, and a lot of them also feel some insecurity about using it, as they fear that the ladies would rather enjoy using a vibrator or dildo, than get shagged by a real dick! Here are 4 truths about sex toys that most guys won’t tell their ladies.

They’re More Skeptical About Bringing Sex Toys Into the Bedroom
Since men have generally lesser experience in using sex toys, it possible that many of them would be more hesitant to start throwing anal beads or cock rings around the bed! But then again, if the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts were to ask that you use a sex toy in bed, I bet you’d quickly accede to their request!

They Might be Jealous of Your Vibrator
While most guys know just how dumb the thought of being jealous with a plastic toy sounds, sometimes they just can’t rationalize a feeling. And even if plenty of guys don’t seem to care how their lady gets off when they’re not around, but when they come face to face with a sex toy that can do what they do, and easily recharges too, it’s easy to feel a little threatened!

This one would be especially true if the guy has a hard time getting off in the first place, or has issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. But then again, the guys shouldn’t worry about being replaced by a dildo, as nothing can certainly replace a thoughtful, giving partner!

They Might See it as a Way to Cheat at Sex
Many guys also feel that using sex toys is a way for women to cheat at sex, although they’d certainly not be quite vocal about it. On the opposite of the spectrum, the guys might love incorporating a woman’s vibrator, especially if they’re feeling lazy. This could be the first step towards fully embracing their partner’s vibrator or dildo!

They Don’t Want to Be Surprised Mid-Coitus
It’s not best to surprise your partner with a sex toy, and this rings true to most men, especially if they suddenly find out that the girl is planning on using it on them! Thus, your girlfriend, or even your preferred Sydney Escorts, should perhaps first talk it out with you, if only to ensure that you’re into using sex toys!

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