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Sydney Escorts – Food Items That Make Great Aphrodisiacs In Some Parts of the World

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Sydney Escorts

Whether it’s in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia or even in the US, different cultures have their own sets of weird or crazy practices related to sex, which extend not only to the act itself, but also when it comes to getting in the mood! And we are talking about aphrodisiacs, which unlike consuming healthy, libido-enhancing foods, are meant to quickly jolt a person’s desire for sex! Here’s a look at a couple of food items that make great aphrodisiacs in some parts of the world.

Have you ever heard of a substance called “ambergris”? According to folks in the Middle East, this waxy substance that’s found in the digestive tract of a sperm whale (and used mainly in perfumes), can make your libido soar to the heavens, and it can make your hookup partners, as well as your Sydney Escorts, drool with delight in bed too!

Bird’s Nest
In the Far East, as well as in Southeast Asia, a certain type of bird puts their blood, sweat, tears and saliva into making a nest for their offspring. Well, it’s the bird’s saliva that’s actually holding the nests together., and this saliva is so prized by chefs and cooks across Asia, because making a soup from it will get a guy in an amorous mood quickly!

Bird’s nest soup makes for a tasty and expensive delicacy too, because of the difficulty and danger involved in getting the nests, which are often perched on high rock walls and cliffs, as well as deep in underground caves. But if the soup makes men hornier, and it makes the restaurants serving it rich too, what’s sad is that these poor birds don’t have a home any more!

Here’s one popular Japanese aphrodisiac that’s known to cause one’s lips and cheeks to tingle after it’s eaten (and it enhances a guy’s arousal level too) – Fugu! In Japanese, “Fugu” means “river pig”, and it’s actually a very poisonous fish, which means that only highly-trained and specialised chefs care allowed to prepare and serve it, or else you die!

Now which exotic aphrodisiac would you be willing to try out? Well, before trying out any aphrodisiac out there, just make sure you consult with your physician first, so that nothing bad will happen to you, and you’ll be able to have more quality time too with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Sydney Escorts!

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