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Sydney Escorts – Food Items That You Shouldn’t Be Eating or Drinking Before Sex

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If the sex experts say that your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator is  a treasure trove of tasty items that can be incorporated into your erotic life, well there are actually a number of food items that you should avoid or not eat before sex, because they have the uncanny ability of lessening your mood and sexual energy! Here’s a peek at the food items that you should avoid before having sex.


While pop culture has made wine synonymous with romance, why’s it that you shouldn’t be drinking it before going on a date with your hookup partner,or with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts? According to health and sex experts, the high alcohol content in wine lowers a person’s sensitivity to touch, and it weakens our organs too.

Many studies have also confirmed that sober men are more than able to maintain erections, as compared to their counterparts who’ve had too much wine, beer or whiskey!

Hot Dogs

While hot dogs are definitely tasty stuff, it’s no secret that these food items are very high in saturated fat. And according to health experts,  food items that are high in saturated fat can clog penile and vaginal arteries, and thus prevent proper blood flow.

Instead of munching on the usual saturated fat-rich hot dogs, it would be better if you substitute your next frankfurter with a fish taco, which is so rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids that enhance blood flow to the penis.

French Fries

Who doesn’t like munching of French Fries every time they drop by their favourite fast-food joint?  However, what’s bad is that French Fries is rich in trans-fat,  which can lower testosterone levels and decrease blood circulation. The excess salt in French Fries can also make it hard for men with high blood pressure to main strong erections.


While popular vegetarian food treats like  tofu obviously have their own set of health advantages,  new studies have shown that staying away from tofu at least a night before having sex can help keep your estrogen levels balanced.

For the uninformed, soy products have been found to elevate estrogen levels, and an added estrogen before sex could mysteriously lower your sex drive, and make your girlfriend, or favourite Sydney Escorts, shudder in disbelief (and in utter frustration!)


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