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Sydney Escorts – For Better Penile Performance Start Eating These Food If You Haven’t Given It A Thought

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What you eat greatly affects your health. This holds true for your sexual health, too. Fabulous women like the professional Sydney Escorts desire men who are strong especially down there. So, watch out what you consume or risk your penile performance.

There are food items known to have positive effects on penile function, more particularly erection. Sex and health experts as well say that oil-soaked food like fries and pizza (considered as junk by many) could hamper your boner. This is because blood vessels in the nether regions could clog up so blood that flows to the shaft is restricted. With that, erection can be difficult. Maybe it’s time to junk them! Instead, load up on food and drinks that can help your penis function better.

Here are some food/beverages to feed your dick:

● Coffee
Drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day may help keep erectile dysfunction at bay. According to research, it has a relaxing effect on the arteries of the penis and increase blood supply, something that’s similar to what Viagra can do. With that, you’re assured of phallic health that brings about a solid erection.

● Cold-Water Fish
We all know that cold-water fish like wild salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, trout and sardines are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, substances that are good for heart health. But, did you know that they’re also good to feed your manhood? When dopamine in the brain increases because of your intake of such food, blood flow also gets better and that’s what triggers a nice arousal.

● Potatoes
This potassium-rich food, no matter what variety (sweet or white type), also enhances circulation to where blood is needed the most. Expect an intense passion in the sack when you include this in your regular diet.

● Oats
Because these are high in fibre content, oats help decrease the risk of heart illness and diabetes, conditions that can definitely impact on penile performance.

Some guys do experience erectile dysfunction every so often. If it isn’t the permanent type, there are certain edibles that can alleviate the problem even just at home, instead of treating the condition with drugs. To increase your appetite in sex, take note of the following:

● Oyster- Its zinc content promotes sperm mobility.

● Dark chocolate- Increases dopamine levels, hence, the experience of pleasure.

● Red wine- Like in citrus fruits and berries, the biochemical content also found in red wine is good for relaxing the arteries as well as boosting circulation to the nether regions.

● Pistachios- Arginine, a kind of protein found in pistachios makes the blood vessels relax, hence, an increase in the flow of blood through the entire body. Together with almonds and walnuts, pistachios contain healthy fats not only good for the heart but for the phallus as well.

There are still more if you’d just do your due diligence. Take care of your penile health as much as you do health. Because sleazy women like the veteran Sydney Escorts only go for men who can sweat it out in bed.

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