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Sydney Escorts – Helpful Hints On How To Properly Incorporate Food Into Your Erotic Activities

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If you still think that food and sex don’t mix, well here’s some “food for thought” – food and sex have a lot in common, as they’re sensual, nourishing and have the potential for great variety! According to sex and relationship experts, of the tastiest and easiest ways to rev up your sex life is to add some edible ingredients in your erotic activities, and this practice is called “food play”. But before you start splattering the bed (and each other) with all sorts of food, here are a few helpful hints on how to properly incorporate food into bedroom play.

Keep Food Away From Private Parts
Before you start splashing ice cream, whipped cream and other types of edible stuff into your girlfriend, or your favourite Sydney Escorts private areas, remember that private parts and food do not always mix well (for various reasons).

Well, among the reasons why food and private parts don’t mix is that there’s a risk for possible infections, skin irritation and other health risks. The safest way to stimulate your partner, while using food at the same time, is to keep all the food play above the waist. And of course, do not ever use any food items that may trigger an allergic reaction or aversion.

Come Prepared, Just As If You’re Going To A Picnic
And since you’re bringing along food to the bedroom, come prepared, just as if you were going to a picnic! Make sure you lay down towels or sheets, as well as napkins and baby wipes, if only to make food play a little less messy, but more fun!

Engage All Of Your Senses
One of the best things about bringing food into the bedroom is that it engages the senses, and of course we don’t just mean taste! To fully engage all the senses, it would help if you use foods that smell and feel good on bare skin.

Or, to keep things hot and sleazy, you could try adding or using honey or chocolate. But then if you want to keep things chilly, you could try using frozen grapes (and other fruits), popsicles or just plain ice!

Or better, you could play around with hot and cold items, and run these two types all over your girlfriend, or lovely and sexy Sydney Escorts’ sensitive zones like the earlobes, neck, nipples and lips.

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