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Of all the ways men and women can interact, hugging is one of the warmer actions – closer than a handshake, but not as intimate as, say, a kiss. It doesn’t even have to be a prelude to making out. Sometimes, to help someone feel better, you can simply hug them to let them know you’re there. Some of the lovely vixens at Sydney Escorts enjoy hugs now and then, along with lazy cuddles.

Some blokes find it simple to initiate hugging. Others, however, are more shy and feel awkward at this kind of contact. Greeting someone at a get-together, welcoming a visitor, and greeting your date are all situations where it’s perfectly acceptable to hug. So how do you actually hug a girl you like, without it becoming awkward for either of you?

1. Face her and lean in. When you turn to face her, this tells her that you’re focusing only on her. Meanwhile, leaning in indicates you want to be closer. By doing both these things, you hint at what you want to do so you don’t take her by surprise – some ladies don’t like surprise hugs.

2. Hold your arms out to the sides. You don’t have to hold them out at shoulder height; even just a foot to either side is okay. It’s something of a universal sign for a hug, and by using it, she’ll really know what you’re up to. If she also holds her arms out, then you’re all good to go.

3. Close the distance. Step forward until you’re both touching, then loosely wrap your arms around her – make sure your hands rest on her upper back, not the lower back. If she returns the gesture, that’s the sign you can tighten the hug. Remember, not to smother her, though, and if she stiffens, then it’s time to let go.

All throughout the hug, both of you should feel comfortable. So if you feel uncomfortable with going for a hug just then, don’t force yourself. Soon, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to initiate a hug, and when to hold off on it.

Need some practice in how to act when on a date with a lovely babe, or just looking for some company? Browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts today!

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