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Almost all men can agree that women are really picky. It is why you, as a man, will do your best to be respectful and honest. But, when it comes to sex, women only want one thing – that is to fuck them real good. When you think that your girl likes to take thing slowly, in the back of her mind, she just wants you to fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.

According to Sydney Escorts, when women get hot and heavy, they want men to take charge. It’s like when you’re kissing a woman for almost half an hour while squeezing her ass, she’s dying to put your cock inside her.

Below are simple tips to help you remember what it means to fuck like a real man.

Remember, Taking Charge Is Not Bad

If you’re making out and she starts to push you back, ask nicely if things are quite moving fast. If she happens to say yes, just say “I’m sorry – you are just so fucking hot. I can’t help it.” If you start kissing a woman and she responds well, move forward and undress her. The idea is to take charge with whatever situation happening in bed, as it sends a signal that you know exactly what to do.

Be Very Careful With Her Clit

When talking about the clit, it’s always different for every woman; hence ask her what she particularly likes. Don’t just play her pussy with your hands, as if you’re trying to tickle her, or don’t even think about using your fingertips as a drumsticks against her vulva. More so, don’t push her clit like it’s a doorbell at some house that you need to enter. Start by using your fingers with firm yet gentle pressure against her pussy’s outside.

Women Just Love to be Fucked Well

The majority of women love to be pounded or have their hair pulled. Basically, they want you to give them a good, solid fuck. When your girl is bucking wildly against you, it’s because she wants you to conquer her. She wants you to hold her hands, grab her ass, squeeze her tits, push her legs above her head, and fuck her harder and harder.

Roughness is Always Nice

C’mon, don’t pretend as if you don’t know that women love their hair to be pulled. Do not even act as if she desires you to spank her ass. Every woman loves it, despite them being silent about these things. Consider being rough, but see to it that you judge her response. From there, you can weigh if what you’re doing is satisfying her.

Sex is quite tricky, so make sure you know you’re way into it. Otherwise, you can seek help from the experts – Sydney Escorts.

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