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Sydney Escorts – Like All Good Things, Sex Is About Quality Not Quantity

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If your obsession with quantity over quality is going past the office, and the fast-food joint (or even the grocery) and into the bedroom, then be worried – be very worried! While new research has suggested that having sex more than once a week isn’t going to make you any happier in your relationship, having sex any less than that might make your more dissatisfied too. However, most sex experts agree that like all good things, sex is about quality, and not quantity.

If We Get Hung Up Counting the Times Between Encounters, Sex Becomes A Chore

Are you so obsessed with quantity over quality too, and does this obsession intrude into your sex life as well? Perhaps it would be better if you relax, take things in stride, and enjoy a girlfriend experience with the lovely Sydney Escorts!

In a recent study conducted by the University of Toronto, and published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, which analysed the sex lives of more than 30,000 people in the US aged 18 to 89, researchers noted that while having sex more than once a week isn’t guaranteed of making a person happier in their relationship, having sex any less than that might make a person so dissatisfied too.

However, the analysts are cautioning everyone against getting too caught up in the numbers, because the obsession with quantity over quality, especially when it comes to sex, can have unfortunate, and even potentially damaging consequences.

The People Who Are Happier Report More Sex

What’s sad about getting so hung up on counting the days and weeks between sexual encounters is that sex becomes a chore, as opposed to a pleasure. However, the experts agree that each individual’s sexual appetites differ, and most of the guys and girls who took part in the study also agreed that sex contributes to feelings of happiness, and the ones who are happier are actually the ones who report more sex!

But then again, who gives a crap if you’d like to have sex more than once a week? Perhaps the naysayers don’t have an idea of how good it really feels to have a girlfriend experience with the lovely and sexy Sydney Escorts!


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