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Sydney Escorts – Men & Women Who Travel Have Looser Morals, New Study Says

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Do you love traveling, regardless of whether it’s inter-state, regional, or overseas? If you do, I guess you’d either be surprised or shocked by a new study coming out from Columbia University in the united States, which says that men and women who travel have looser morals, and are more likely to cheat, or have casual sex!

The Columbia Study is Titled “The Dark Side of Going Abroad”
Do you really think that going abroad can further loosen your morals? Well, even if you’re not going anywhere, you still can manage to date the hot and sizzling Sydney Escorts! So, what’s with going abroad that makes you less ethical or moral?

Yes, travelling abroad may well broaden your horizons, but it seems that it may also alter, or reorient, your moral compass, and that’s according to the Columbia University researchers, who aptly titled their research “The Dark Side of Going Abroad”!

The research paper reveals that students, and even professionals, who travelled frequently overseas were much more likely to cheat, or engage in casual hookups, when presented with a standard test, than those who had not packed their bags and headed off into the big wide world!

A group of 125 students were actually given a quiz involving anagrams, and told that they could win an iPad. The students took the quiz 1 month before travelling, and they were given a follow-up quiz another 6 months after they left, and six months after that.

The Potential Downside of Foreign Experiences – Increased Immoral Behaviour
The researchers also found the students who took the test, and wrote about a foreign experience, were more likely to cheat on a test, and engage in other immoral behaviours too! The study team suggests that going abroad tends to create a “moral flexibility: in travellers, which means that they re-evaluate their values from home, and can be partial to acting in a way they would previously have seen as immoral.

But then again, if you haven’t gone out of the country yet, and you have fun dating the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts, who says that you got the same loose morals as those who’ve gone abroad on a regular basis? Well, who cares, as long as you love being with these lovely ladies!


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