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Sydney Escorts – More Surprising Reasons Why Exercise Has a Positive Effect on How You Bang

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If you still don’t know the perks or benefits of exercising, perhaps you should hear this quote from popular reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, who says that “Fitness is not about being better than someone else, but it’s about being better than you used to be”! And if you think that most people work out 6 days a week just for the abs, think again. Here’ a fun and interesting look at why exercise has a positive effect on how you “bang” (Or have sex!).

Exercise Releases Hormones That Make You Feel Euphoric, and Horny
If you’ve never tried jogging, lifting weights or toning your muscles, perhaps you should try doing these now, because when you work out more, your body will want more sex, and your hot and sexy Sydney Escorts will also feel a major difference in how you perform in bed!

Ask any gym-goer out there, and most will tell you that working out can really put you in the mood for a hot and sweaty sex session, as your body releases beautiful hormones called endorphins which make you feel euphoric and horny too!

Unsurprisingly, these endorphins are also released in huge numbers during sex, and your body recognizes that both exercise and sex make it feel fantastic, and wants to continue those feelings of pleasure. Health experts have also noted that increased testosterone is directly and positively correlated to increased libido in men.

Working Out Improves Your Flexibility and Increases Cardiovascular Fitness
Exercise and regularly working out also improves your flexibility, stamina and strength, as well as increase your cardiovascular fitness. Most gym trainers also agree that each of these components of fitness can directly tie to an improved sex life by adding variety, movement and the ability to last longer!

And if you work out with your girlfriend, or even with your favourite Sydney Escorts, remember that working out can also greatly help your relationship. In addition, taking your gym sessions from solo to coupled will bring forth constructive changes for you as partners, because working out is about trust!

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