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Sydney Escorts – New Study Pinpoints Which Part of A Woman’s Body Men Find the Sexiest

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Different people notice different features in a potential partner’s body. This means that they could either be drawn to their partner’s dark eyes or shapely abs or legs. However, there are common patterns in what people like to see in possible mates, and this is what a new survey conducted by fitness equipment review site, wanted to find out when they surveyed 2,017 respondents in the US. Here’s what the study found out, especially on the aspect of which part of a woman’s body do men find the sexiest.

Straight Women Prefer Dad Bods
If you ask your girlfriend, or your favourite Sydney Escorts, on what type of men they truly have the hots for, perhaps you’d be very surprised, because the survey found out that 41.7% of straight women reported that they liked men with average bodies’ best, or those who had “dad bods’!

Among lesbian women, 35.9% preferred women with a average body type, while 30.1% of gay ladies sought out curvy women, while 11.2% liked ladies who had a muscular built.

Straight Men Professed Appreciation for Curvy Women
For straight guys, most of them professed their appreciation and lust for curvy women, to the tune of 48%. Only 22.4% of straight men liked thin women, and a mere 3.8% said that muscular women were their ideal partners.

But for gay guys, a whopping 36/1% of them obviously yearned for more muscular male partners, while 26.7% were please with averaged-bodied men. Another 18.3% preferred thin guys, while 11.1% favoured guys with curvy bodies!

Which Female Body Parts Do Straight Guys Like The Most?
As to which female body part did straight guys often set their sights on, the straight guys said it was the woman’s chest. Among the straight dudes who liked thin women, the butt was the most favourite part.

While was conscious that the entire report is about what other people think of how you look, they ended on a body-positive note, advising that “while it’s nice to grab attention, you should love and take care of you body regardless”. But then again, it would still be nice to talk to your girlfriend, or your preferred Sydney Escorts, about which part of the male body is their real favourite!

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