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Sydney Escorts – New Study Reveals Less Sleep Time Means Less Play Time in Bedrooms

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If your girlfriend, or perhaps your hookup buddy, tells you “not tonight”, well you’re not the only one who’s miffed, because this seems to be an increasingly similar refrain in not just the bedrooms of America, but perhaps Down Under too! Read to find out why a new study reveals that less sleep time means less play time in bedrooms.

US Survey Finds That Adults Had Sex 9 Fewer Times in a Year in 2010-2014 Than in 1995-1999
Have you ever seen a dip in the number of times you’ve gone to bed with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts? If you think that you had more fun time in bed with them last year than today, then could this be a sign of more bad times ahead?

According to a quite recent study of more than 26,000 Americans, researchers noted that adults had sex around 9 times fewer a year in 2010-2014 than in 1995-1999. For married couples, the survey had even more potentially discouraging news, as married individuals, or those who lived together, had sex 16 times fewer a year in 2010-2014 than in 2000-2004!

Psychologists stress that the data shows a major reversal from previous decades in terms of marriage and sex. They also add that in the 1990’s, married people had sex more times per year than those who were never married, but by the mid-2000’s this got reversed, with the never-married having more sex!

Younger Adults Are Having Less Sex Than Their Parents or Grandparents
The US study has more discouraging news for us, as they’ve noted that younger Americans are also having less sex than their parents or grandparents did when they were younger! The study team pointed out that despite their reputation for hooking up, the millennials and the “iGen”, or Generation Z, are actually having sex less often than their parents and grandparents did when they were young.

One of the main reasons for this was that fewer iGen-ers and millennials have steady partners. The researchers also found out that people in their 20’s have sex more than 80 times a year, but by age 45 this falls to 60 times a year. And at 65 years old, the number drops to just 20 time a year!

So, before you fall prey to these worrisome statistics, I guess you need to find the perfect work-life balance, as well as ensure that you got lots of extra hooking-up time with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!

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