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Sydney Escorts – New Study Says That Americans Are Having Less Sex (And So Is Everyone Else)

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Sex sells, and you see it everywhere, like in TV, magazine and radio advertisements, as well as online (and even in smartphones!). And while the culture of sex already seems so prevalent today, what’s surprising is that (according to a US study) Americans are having less sex (and so is everyone else!).

US Adults Had Sex 9 Times Fewer Than They Did in the 1990s
According to a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, US adults had sex nine fewer times in 2014 than they did in the late 1990s. From the 1990s to the early 2000s, US adults generally had sex from 60 to 65 times a year but after 2002, they appeared to lose interest. But hey, who says you’re losing interest, when you have the lovely Sydney Escorts for company!

There’s Been a Steep Decline In Sexual Activity Among Married Couples
While the decline in sexual activity has nearly been across the board, one group seems to be pulling everyone else down – married couples! The study says that married couples generally have sex more than single people, but that advantage is rapidly declining. In fact, married couples had sex an average of 56 times a year in 2014, and this is down from 67 in 1989.

The report highlighted several cultural changes in recent years that could be the culprit for the rapid decline in sexual activity. For instance, Americans have far more options these days for different kinds of pleasure, like browsing social media sites like Facebook, playing video games or watching Netflix.

The study also adds that longer working hours and greater access to pornography are making US adults, as well as everyone else, gradually lose interest in having sex. However, what’s surprising is that one group of people showed no interest in slowing down their bedroom activities, and these were the people over 70!

But then again, if you live a less-stressful life, and you don’t spend hours loitering on social media, perhaps it would be much nicer if you spend more quality time with the Sydney Escorts tonight, or this weekend!

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