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Sydney Escorts – New Study Says That More People Find Sex Almost as Disgusting as – an Infected Wound!

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

If you suddenly find yourself so pissed off, or disgusted, by the act of sex, don’t think that you’ve turned into a total wimp, but consider yourself evolved! According to a new US study, there are 6 common categories that cause human beings great disgust, and it includes atypical appearance, lesions, hygiene, food, animals and sex!

The Sexual Disgust Could Be Triggered By Situations of Risky Sex

Do any of the six categories mentioned earlier make you cringe, or feel disgusted? I guess sex doesn’t show up in your list, for I know that you love dating ladies as hot and as sexy as the lovely Sydney Escorts!

The study noted that people are generally revolted by bad odour, expired food and most of all, infected and pus-filled wounds! Well, who doesn’t cringe at the sight of a swelling, pus-filled wound?

Health experts also stress that disgust is a system in the brain that causes us to reject and avoid the things that would have made our ancestors sick. Thus, we tend to avoid things like food, skin lesions, sex with promiscuous people, people with odd appearances and poor hygiene! As for the sexual disgust, the health experts say that this could be triggered by situations of risky sex, like bad genital hygiene, and having sex with someone shortly after meeting them.

Women Were More Disgusted By Sex Than Men

Another study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine asked more than 2,500 people to rate 75 scenarios from “no disgust” to “extreme disgust”. The researchers noted that women were more disgusted by sex than men.

In fact, women rated risky sex and animals carrying diseases as the most disgusting scenarios, along with men taking more risks. And of course the ladies cringe at guys with lousy body odour!

But if your body odour is under control, and you aren’t taking stupid sexual risks, then I guess ladies as hot and sexy as the Sydney Escorts won’t cringe upon seeing you, or loathe at your habits!

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