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Sydney Escorts – Oysters Aren’t Aphrodisiacs, Yet They Have a Strong Placebo Effect, New Study Says

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When it comes to talk about “aphrodisiacs”, or substances that increase libido when consumed, perhaps the first thing that pops up on the minds of many are –oysters! However, contrary to some recent studies, there is little or no scientific evidence to concretely point out that oysters are aphrodisiacs, although the placebo effect is real.

No One Knows Why Oysters Have Been Declared as Aphrodisiacs
Before serving yourself, as well as your favourite Sydney Escorts, a bowl of oysters, perhaps you should read this article first, so that you won’t be spending huge sums of money on something that hasn’t yet been proven to increase libido when eaten!

According to sex experts, and even historians, no one really knows why oysters are supposed to have some sort of amazing chemical properties that enhance sexual desire in humans. Well, the ancient Romans believed that it was an aphrodisiac and gave men strength in battle.

And of course, the notorious 18th-century gigolo Casanova swore by the properties of oysters, and ate 50 of them for breakfast! But then again, who can argue about his sexual prowess, when he’s known to have bedded over 100 women in his lifetime! (Although it wasn’t proven that his sexual prowess was due to the oysters he ate).

Oysters Mostly Contained the D-Aspartic Amino Acid
IN a 2005 study, it was noted by researchers that bivalve mollusks, including mussels, clams, scallops and oysters, did indeed contain some properties which enhanced desire. However, a closer examination reveals that oysters, and the other bivalve mollusks, mostly contained high levels of D-Aspartic amino acid, which increases the levels of sex hormones in lab rats. However, no studies have yet been done on humans, regarding the effects of D-Aspartic amino acid on their libido.

However, nearly all the experts believe that oysters have a very powerful placebo effect. Thus, if you think eating oysters or chocolates and mangoes can make you or the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts horny, the sex experts won’t argue either!

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