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Sydney Escorts – Secrets to Having an Unforgettable One-Night Stand

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Standards when it comes to sex have changed over the years, with people now being more liberal than ever before. Sure, there are those who still frown upon, say, extramarital affairs because of their own beliefs, but that’s okay. Suffice to say people are more tolerable or accepting; there are those who are realising and embracing their sexuality, maybe with the help of one of the sexy babes at Sydney Escorts.

This new environment makes it easier for people to engage in such activities as one-night stands. Such a casual fling is perfect for those who just want to satisfy their needs and aren’t looking for commitment just yet. Unfortunately, not every woman is going to be satisfied with a casual hook-up, so you may run into a babe who’s more cautious than she first appears.

So how do you make sure you can still score with her and make the tryst something unforgettable instead of regrettable? The experts share a few tips.

1. Think of your appearance. When looking for a hookup partner, ladies actually have higher standards; by comparison, men aren’t as picky. They only pay attention to how attractive he finds one lady or another. That said, you need to make more of an effort to look good if you want to stand out from the crowd.

2. Take your time. It may take an hour or so to convince your new lady friend to head to the nearest private spot – like a hotel room – but that doesn’t mean you lose a significant part of your life. Don’t rush, so she’ll be more attracted to you in an almost primal way. Thus, she won’t feel disappointed at you rushing to get in bed with her. Keep things interesting while you chat her up, for as long as it takes, and the more memorable the one-night stand will be.

3. Put her pleasure before yours. Go out of the way to make the hook-up worth it for her, and she’ll be more likely to give as good as she got. There are two ways to make an impression on a lady while you’re in the bedroom, and you don’t want to be remembered as a selfish lover. Yes, even for a casual fling.

Feel the need to practice flirting and the like, but aren’t ready for the dating scene yet? Just browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts.

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