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Sydney Escorts – Secrets to Making a Boob Job Enjoyable for Your Girl Too

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

You might have seen a boob job – also known as a titty fuck – in porn films, but the truth is, it’s not as common in real life, nor is it as enticing and pleasurable for women as it looks. Even if some of the gorgeous babes at Sydney Escorts allow it, there’s no guarantee they really enjoy it as much as you think they do.

Long story short, if she lets you do the twins, you need to do something for her, too. So here are some ideas to help you make titty sex less painful and more pleasurable for her.

1. Compliment her boobs. Do you like how her breasts look and feel in your hands when you play with them? Let her know how you feel about her boobs, because doing so lets her know you do pay attention, not to mention appreciate her assets as well as the whole picture.

2. Pamper her. Rubbing your cock back and forth in her cleavage is an act of foreplay, so get started the right way. For instance, use some lube to gently massage her breasts. Tease and please her, so she doesn’t feel neglected. Make sure you pay attention to her reactions so you’ll know if she likes what you’re doing.

3. Have her choose the position. She could be lying down while you’re straddling her torso, or kneeling before you with her breasts close to your package. She could also be straddling your legs while you’re lying down. When you let her choose the position, you’re showing that you want her to be comfortable.

4. Let her have fun, too. Regardless of what position she picks, find a way to pleasure her while you’re getting your rocks off. Using nipple clamps? Tug on the chain to tease her nipples but not hard enough to cause pain. Or finger her if she faces your feet while straddling you, since her cunt will be close enough in that position.

Remember that sex is a two-way street; you can’t enjoy it as much if one partner keeps taking and the other keeps giving – and these tips should help you avoid that whenever you’re in the mood for a boob job. No long-term partner or just need some company? Browse the gallery Sydney Escorts to find the perfect courtesan for you.

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